Nicki Minaj Posts Racy Pictures on Instagram


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Nicki Minaj has never come off as shy-and especially not lately with her crazy Instagram antics. The 31-year-old rapper shared some rather bizarre and racy pics with her followers on Firday, Jan. 10.

The series of pictures started with a seemingly tame snapshot of Minaj's manicure. But the tameness quickly went out the window when the following picture she posted was of her grabbing her own breast.

Then this bizarre picture was posted.

Following those pictures, the singer then posted two selfies which resembled each other. Who was she posting this pictures for? Her fans? Were the posts accidental?

The last selfie-focused picture of the night was by far the most extreme. Minaj went out with a bang posting a NSFW picture of her sticking her tongue out between her two fingers.

Apparently the picture wasn't too offensive considering the shot received over 100-thousand likes from her Instagram followers. Pretty crazy, huh?

So why was Miss Minaj posting these pictures? We don't know, but we do know that this isn't the first time she's "exposed" herself on Instagram. Just this past Halloween the singer posted a pic of her wearing nothing but fishnet pantyhose and pasties.

Image Via YouTube