Nick Jonas Says Demi Lovato Inspired New Album


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Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato go way back to their Disney days, but they are still really good friends. In fact, Nick said that Demi helped inspire his new album and that he was very excited to collaborate with her on the song Avalanche.

“Yes, Demi and I recorded a duet called Avalanche. It’s a beautiful song about a relationship that’s breaking down,” he explained to OK! magazine. “It’s not necessarily romantic or a love song, but there is a deep and long relationship between Demi and me that we touch on in the song. After singing with each other for almost eight years, it [came together] really quickly.”

Nick rose to fame as a member of the Jonas Brothers, a band he and his brothers started together. While the band was successful, the brothers eventually decided to go their separate ways and explore some of their other interests.

Nick decided to make a new self-titled album and has also been giving acting a try.

Nick is currently filming the television show Kingdom, where he plays a MMA fighter. He had to change his look and his attitude for the role and some of the changes have also rubbed off onto his music style.

Nick's new album will have a variety of different types of music and some of the songs may sound a little different from what fans are used to. Nick said that he knows not everyone will like his new style, but he hopes his fans will at least give it a chance.

"There's been a lot of transition over the last couple years — I'm involving them in this journey I'm about to go on. There are those that want to come on and be understanding, but not everyone will, and that's okay. I gotta be bold enough to say that I love my fans and appreciate those that want to join me, and for those that don't, that's okay, there will be a whole new audience that's opened up to this approach. ... It was just about, I gotta be willing to go there because it's gonna connect way more," he said.