Nick Berg Video Leads Search Engine Queries

    May 20, 2004

The gruesome beheading video of Nick Berg has become the most queried item in search engines, according to Terra Lycos’ Weekly Top 50. The site which initially aired the video, Muntada al-Ansar, was 3rd on Lycos’ list.

The weekly Wordtracker keyword report, which is published every Tuesday, shows keyword variations related to the video make up 4 of the top 20 searches. Google’s Zeitgeist has Nick Berg as the number one gaining query for the week ending May 17, 2004.

The video, which shows Nick Berg’s execution by Islamic extremists has caused the internet population to flock to search engines, curious/eager to see the brutal execution.

Google’s Zeitgeist is not the only place Nick Berg is making news for the search engine. Earlier this week Berg-related queries on Google featured AdWord ads for a site selling the execution video. This ad has since disappeared from Google’s result page. There has been no word as to whether the ad was removed by Google, or if the advertiser ran out of money.

John Battelle has an image of the ad that can be seen here.

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