Nia Long Isn’t Interested in Getting Married Just Yet

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Nia Long, who many may remember from the movies “Friday”, “Boiler Room”, and “Big Momma’s House”, revealed in a recent interview that she’s currently not interested in tying the knot with her long-time boyfriend and international basketball player Ime Sunday Udoka. In a recent interview with Essence, the actress said that while she’s in no rush to get marriage, the possibility hasn’t been entirely ruled out.

“I’ll be at home with my man, having a perfectly loving time, and I’ll see all these comments on some site about how wrong I am for not being married,” Long said. “I don’t feel less loved or less loving because I’m not married.” She admitted that she has never seen a marriage work, which has prompted her to search for “emotional maturity” in a relationship, instead.

Long, who recently welcomed her first child with Udoka, revealed that she’s been working on patching up the relationship between her and her first child’s father. Although the couple had their rocky moments in the past, Long said that she feels they’ve finally reached a good place. Additionally, Long has also reconciled with her father, allowing her to add some much-needed stillness to her life following the birth of her second child.

“Motherhood is not easy, but it’s natural,” she explained. “I worked hard to have the career I wanted, but I’ve also been deliberate about my personal life. None of this is a mistake.”

The entire interview will be available in the August issue of Essence.

Nia Long Isn’t Interested in Getting Married Just Yet
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  • Teejay

    Her life, her choice. She is not the only celebrity or person for that matter to have children outside of marriage and she wont be the last!

  • http://tribalstylemarketing.com/blog tribalstylemarketing

    I don’t blame her, everyone I know from high school is practically divorced or remarried now. If you were at a restaurant & the waiter told you that 2 out of 4 people who eat this item get sick w/e-Coli & die, would you still eat it? Most of us wouldn’t, unless of course you’re Steve-O or Johnny Knoxville.

  • Brwsugalady

    I agree her 100%.

  • N

    I think she’s setting a crappy example since she’s raising sons and this is why so many black women are less likely to see a wedding ring because of that very kind of thinking.

  • sunshine595

    black women lead the Nation in being the most unmarried women, unfortunately also most infected w/AIDS among other various STD’s. so her decision comes as on surprise. art oftens imitate life, in her movie w/jude law she was a booty call and apparently in life she is as well….


      REALLY? You mention AIDS?STDs and BOOTYCALL in reference to a woman who chooses her own path in life just because she happens to be a beautiful AA woman. Where is the outrage over Angelina Joilie who is what 5 kids into her relationship with Brad Pitt and there has been NO wedding. Or countless other white celebrities who choose to date and have children outside of wedlock. And Julia Roberts played a prostitute in Pretty Woman…does that make her one so an actress who chooses a role has no revelence on who they actually are in real life…speaking of life Sunshine595 you need to get one and stop tearing down other women. Her LIFE-her CHOICE-non of your DAMN business !!!!

  • http://nialong benzena

    it is her decision. hopefully her sons don’t have babies here there and everywhere though. work on yourself not easy but not with so many children without fathers.


    Why was this not news for white celebrities who choose to have children out of wedlock?

  • Christine from Cleveland

    I understand Ms. Long’s aversion to marriage. My lifetime recollection of long term marriages are sparse. However, I can also say that I have been pleasantly amazed and proud of the number of individuals I have encountered in the last few years who chose to marry and stay married. I know marriage is a lifetime commitment, barring adultery, abandonment and abuse. It gives me hope to see married people growing, living, loving and learning each other, not just jumping out of it when things don’t go their way or gets difficult. No one can predict the future, and I for one would not attempt to predict how Ms. Long’s sons will react to their mom’s choice of singlehood status. We should just try to live our lives as best as we can, and lead our children by example, not by pointing out what celebrities are wed or not. Celebrities are not be the role models for our kids — we are. How are you living?

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