NFL Power Rankings Released For Week 1


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With the first game of the season just one day away, the NFL power rankings have been released. The power rankings is a ranking system that ranks each team in relation to the others. It is based on their performance and their potential to succeed or fail in the upcoming week, or in this case the upcoming season. This list will continue to be updated throughout the season, based on how the teams do in their games week to week. When the rankings are released at the beginning of each season, fans can expect to see the Super Bowl winner to be pretty high on the list as well as those teams that got far last year, but did not make it as far as the previous champs.

These rankings often have an effect on teams as the season start as well, and the teams that are ranked at the top are expected to perform at their highest level. This tends to put a lot of pressure on players and coaches. The 49ers were in fact the team that lost the super bowl last year and are now ranked at No.1 as the season gets underway on Thursday, September 5. Sitting at last place this season is the Oakland Raiders, who suffered another disappointing season last year with a record of 4-12. One thing that is a bit of a surprise is that the Super Bowl winning Ravens are only placed at No.8 as the season starts. Although, they will not be the same team they were last season, after losing their receiver Anquan Boldin to the 49ers and tight end Dennis Pitta to an injury.

The top 2 teams are the 49ers and Seahawks, both led by all star young quarterbacks, Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson, respectively. As SB Nation mentions, there seems to be a pattern at the top of the rankings with young quarterbacks and an excellent running game. As well as being excellent passers, both of these quarterbacks are both very agile on their feet. Followed behind them are the Broncos and Packers, two teams with veteran quarterbacks in Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers.

SB Nation presents a breakdown of the rankings and relied on their NFL bloggers to rank the teams. After an excellent rookie season and making it far in the playoffs, there are high aspirations for Russell Wilson and the young Seahawk team. Colin Kaepernick is also starting his first full season and will look to compete with Wilson as he eyes the road to the Super Bowl.

NFL fans will want to tune in Thursday September 5 for the first game of the season, a match-up of veteran quarterbacks between the Baltimore Ravens and the Denver Broncos. No matter what these rankings show, fans will have to tune in week 1 in order to see how each of their teams perform as any team in the league is able to move up or down throughout the season.

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