NFL Picks Week 4: The Blowouts And Upsets Nobody Saw Coming


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Kudos to whoever got their NFL picks right for Week 4, especially with the blowouts and upsets that took plays.

This week’s NFL games featured perhaps some of the biggest surprises and most exciting games of the season.

It also signals that we may be headed towards one of the most unpredictable season outcomes in a long time.

If I had to pick some of the best NFL upsets and blowouts for this 4th week of regular season games, it would have to be these:

New Orleans Saints vs. Dallas Cowboys: Blow Out

Here are words to dust off and put back in your vocabulary to describe a Cowboys game where Dallas is the winning team:

“It wasn't even close."

The Sunday night game ended 38-17, forcing the rest of the NFC to acknowledge the fact that the Cowboys are not to be written off at any point in the near future.

Tony Yes-I-Can-Throw-A-Football-When-I-Want-To Romo managed to throw three touchdowns and no interceptions. He also completed 22 of his 29 passes.

Romo credits the most complete offense he’s ever played around in years.

As for the Saints, everything terrible about their performance can be summed up in one hilariously embarrassing fake punt attempt.

Philadelphia Eagles vs. San Francisco 49ers: Upset

Don’t let the scoreline fool you. This was the undefeated Eagles up against a shaky 49ers team.

There’s little question which NFL team was the pick to come out of this one on top.

One driving force behind the result was no doubt San Francisco's need to desperately avoid a third defeat in a row. Jim Harbaugh no doubt emphasized this during halftime.

The previously perfect Eagles found themselves the victim of a “big let down” in the second half as the game ended 26-31 in favor of the home team.

New England Patriots vs. Kansas City Chiefs: Both

That’s right, this game was both an upset AND a blowout!

The Patriots were on the losing end of a 41-14 rout that has to signal one of the most surprising upsets in recent history.

Brady was sacked three different times by a dominant Chiefs defense and the Chiefs offense ran completely over the Patriots defense. I suspect it’s the case of a quarterback expected to give a boost to average players.

This season is showing that Brady is not the man for that job, and following a loss as bad as this one, the Patriots may be in real trouble if ongoing trends continue.

What was your favorite upset or blowout of the NFL’s fourth week of games? Share below!