Next Xbox Coming To MTV

    April 12, 2005

With the help of LOTR’s Master Frodo or Elijah Wood, MTV will be the first to provide a sneak peak at Microsoft’s perhaps most anticipated product ever, the next generation Xbox. So far, the console’s title has not been announced, but there are rumors that indicate the next Xbox will be called the Xbox 360.

Xbox Logo

On May 12 at 9:30 p.m. EST, MTV will air a special called “MTV Presents: The Next Generation Xbox Revealed,” where Wood will present a inside look, which will include celebrity interviews, Microsoft-approved footage about the making of the console, previews of games, and a peek into the future of the Xbox Live online gaming service.

John Shea, executive vice president, Integrated Marketing and Sponsorship Development at MTV had these comments, “We recognize and celebrate our viewers’ passion for gaming and are excited to be working with Microsoft to launch such a significant entertainment product. We’re proud that Microsoft considers MTV the premier global network to launch its new Xbox gaming console and reveal the first look to MTV viewers around the world.”

As mentioned, the special will air on May 12 for MTV’s North American audience. On May 13, MTV will be broadcasting the show to the rest of their global audience. For a list of times and regions, please visit Microsoft’s release, which contains a viewing schedule.

Premiering the next Xbox in this manner will be a first for video game industry. Normally, debuts of this magnitude are reserved for the large trade shows, which will be held throughout the year, with the biggest being E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), an expo devoted to the video game industry.

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