Next Level SEO: Press Release Optimization

    October 26, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

As with other areas of promotion, search engine optimization can be approached from several angles. Most SEO experts talk about optimizing your website for better search engine placement, but if that is all you’re doing to increase your company’s online presence, then you’re missing at least one very important pat of spreading the word. Today’s lesson: the power of the press release.

The lesson comes this way from Lee Odden’s Online Marketing Blog, where Odden discusses taking a very proactive role in getting the word out about your company through press releases. What does he call it? Press release optimization, of course, which if done right will get you picked up on quality news sources that are crawled by search engine newsbots.

The art of writing the press release is only the first step (and as Odden points out, it is an “art,” complete with keyword placement into skillfully organized and engaging writing).

The second step is getting that sucker out, not just to anywhere, but to the right places. Spammers make use of PR wires as well, adding to the deluge of press releases reporters find in their in-boxes on a daily basis. While keyword optimizing the press release is important for placement in the wire services, Odden is quick to point out that a friendly note to carefully selected publishers is also important.

It’s also a good idea to write original articles and submit them to online publications in the hopes they publish it on their site. Any mention or link on a highly ranked news source is extraordinarily valuable, as readers may not even think to look for what you offer until they read about it somewhere else.

For a more detailed look at Odden’s tips on press release optimization, check out his blog.