Nexaweb Builds Ajax Client For Developers

    April 14, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Privately held Nexaweb Technologies recently announced the addition of an Ajax client to its Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) development platform.

Nexaweb Technologies plans for second-quarter availability of its Ajax client. The growing popularity of web applications with an Ajax interfaces has seen the rollout of numerous examples of those.

The significant feature Ajax delivers comes at the web client level. Instead of a web page requiring a full refresh when a user changes a variable on a page, the page updates only the section covered by the variable.

That provides a much more compelling user experience, but for developers, it’s not an especially easy one to create. Demands for tools to help with this quickly developed.

Nexaweb’s platform has been focused on application development and delivery. They previously have offered the Nexaweb Studio, a plugin for Java IDEs. But the increase in Ajax interest has prompted the company to address that market.

“With Ajax development on the rise, particularly for HTML and consumer-facing applications, our support of Ajax enables developers to create high-performance RIAs using the technology of their choice, and ensures ease of development and ease of maintenance,” said Coach Wei, CTO and Chairman of Nexaweb.

Nexaweb described some of the benefits of the Ajax client in a statement:

Nexaweb’s Ajax-based offering for developing and deploying RIAs will address key issues and limitations associated with current Ajax development, including:

— dependency on scripting and manual coding;
— lack of visual drag and drop development environment;
— lack of rich user interface or incremental update capability;
— the excessive use of JavaScript that breaks the well-established “markup + logic” design pattern that separates user interface from application logic; and
— code maintenance and team development challenges associated with JavaScript.

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