Newspapers Launch eBay Competitor Boocoo to Help Boost Revenues

Newspaper Auction Site Puts Emphasis on Local

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Over 300 newspapers have joined together with Ranger Data Technologies to launch a new online auction site called Boocoo that would compete with eBay, and hopefully boost newspapers’ revenues. The auction site puts an emphasis on local auctions.

Could an online auction site help newspapers in the revenue department? Tell us what you think.

"Because of the explosive growth in Internet usage in the past decade, a new revenue opportunity has opened up for newspapers and other local media. Boocoo.com was designed in part to regain revenue lost to online classified advertising and auction sites while giving consumers a secure and competitive alternative rich in local content,” said George Willard Sr., the Chairman, CEO, and Founder of Ranger Data Technologies.

Boocoo - a new auction site from newspapers"The massive audience produced by web users, loyal readers, and viewers of hundreds of trusted local media brands combined with Boocoo’s consumer centric site, will result in long term revenue growth for all our partners," said Mr. Willard.

Chicago’s Sun-Times Media is one of the newspaper companies to partner on Boocoo. "Sun-Times Media’s partnership with Ranger Data Technologies will help us to expand the ways we serve residents of the Chicago region," said Hunt Kingsbury, VP and General Manager of Interactive Media for Sun-Times Media. "Boocoo is a great resource for people who want an auction site that is competitive in price and very local. We are excited to offer this to the areas we already serve."

"Boocoo.com is an innovative and exciting approach for the local media to enter the e-commerce transactional marketplace,” said Kip Knight, a former Vice-President of Marketing for eBay North America who serves as a consultant to Ranger Data Technologies. "I also believe sellers should be attracted to the site because it is value priced relative to other online auctions."

I’ve seen a whole lot of people looking for alternatives to eBay, and it will be interesting to see if Boocoo becomes a legitimate contender in the space.

As a special promotion, fees are actually being waived for all consumers for a minimum of two weeks at Boocoo.

What do you think of Boocoo? Comment here.

Newspapers Launch eBay Competitor Boocoo to Help Boost Revenues
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  • mtrang

    I just visited the site for the first time and I’m left overly unimpressed. It might be because I’m a Multimedia Designer but this thing looks like it was store bought and content was copy pasted into it. Without much marketing background, I can’t pretend to be an expert but I really can’t emphasize enough how important it is to brand yourself. You don’t have to go crazy with it but even Craigslist has branded itself with it’s gridded layout. Also, companies should layoff the Google color combinations in their logos. It does nothing but shows you’re trying to hitchhike a ride on Google’s branded coat tails.

    I give the site 30-90 days before it goes down.

    • Chris Crum

      It will be interesting to see how it does. It did just launch, and carries the “Beta” tag though, so I’d say it’s somewhat expected to be a little rough around the edges. It will probably be a matter of how well the site is marketed to local people wanting to sell items. It’s going to have to be well-populated to be successful.

  • RKS

    I signed up and am disappointed in the lack of advertising I have seen and the overall feel of the site. There are not enough categories – I listed a piece of furniture and it’s in the same category as three dozen S&P shakers! Never mind the two modular homes listed in Home & Garden.

    When I first signed up for Bonanzle in Sept of 08, there were only 3000 registered users. Last I looked this month, it was over 280,000 and climbing 1000 a day, but they still haven’t gotten a big share of eBay’s business.

    eBay is busy cutting their own throats, though, and a lot of people are looking for alternatives. BooCoo seems more like a safer alternative to Craig’s List than eBay at the present!

  • Guest

    wow-bummer-world STILL needs an alternative, and THIS clearly is NOT it.

  • Guest

    This sight is just about as ambiguous as thelLiterature, for what ever reason that I continually receive form the Scientologists….Has anybody read BOOCOO’sr PRIVACY POLICY?!! THEY USE ALL YOUR INFORMATION AND SELL IT TO 300 THAT’S RIGHT, three hundred OTHER MEDIA COMPANIES, who are “partnered with them”. FORGET IT

  • logitechguy

    Boocoo/Ranger/Willard have hinged their success with a dying industry. Most papers are cutting back on home delivery or just going bankrupt and online ads are for the most part useless. mtrang is right – the site looks cloned and cheap. Its obvious they know very little about marketing or good web design. Their listings have hovered around 3000 for weeks now. They are barely 3 months old and just about every day I read their propaganda on how they are a viable ebay/craigslist competitor NOT just an alternative.

    Add to this they couldn’t even come up with a unique site name. From Alexa, boocoo.com is a RESTRAUNT.

    All I can say is I feel bad for the newspapers

  • Angela

    Well .. newspapers certainly won’t have a problem advertising so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work ..

  • Roy

    Any site that will give ebay some competition is a winner with me! Unfortunately, they don’t have a catgory for what I sell, but maybe down the road they will add more.

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