News As A Part Of Your Internet Marketing Strategy

    October 4, 2006

Not only are online news patrons just as desirable from a marketing perspective as their print counterparts, but in many instances, they are even more upscale.

Newspapers are successfully extending their reach beyond the core printed products resulting in net increases in audience, says a recent report from Scarborough Research

And if you’re after that 18 – 34 demographic, make sure you include news as part of your internet marketing strategy: news sites across the board are attracting the 18 – 34 year olds.

If you want the upscale folk, think news too – about 60 percent of those who read at least one issue of The Washington Post during the past week have annual household incomes of $75,000 or more. In contrast, 73 percent of the visitors to have annual household incomes in this range. And this holds true for other newspaper websites too.

There’s a long tail concept at work here. Hyde Post, of The Atlanta Journal- Constitution, says “Part of our opportunity is having multiple platforms to reach the audience in our market… One at a time, they can be niche target opportunities; together, they can form the new definition of mass.”

Good advice. Now you may not see your site as a news site. But in today’s crowded market, with the conversation flourishing online, every business should be a publisher of news. Content syndication should be front and center in your Internet marketing strategy.

  • Content Syndication

    Readers and/or fellow web publishers can access the latest updates of particular sites with content syndication

  • Internet Marketing Strategy in working for SMBs

    57 percent of business leaders surveyed said they generate monthly revenue through online purchases or offline purchases that were influenced by their website.


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