Newly Released 'Gravity' Trailer Gets a Second Act


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Yesterday, the first official trailer for Gravity, Alfonso Cuarón's long-awaited follow-up project since he wowed movie fans with his incredible Children of Men, hit the tubes, and all was right with the world. While Cuarón has had his hand in some documentary pieces since 2007's Men, Gravity is his first full-length theatrical release, and the anticipation is high. The director has proved to be a masterful storyteller who has a penchant for shooting hard-to-forget scenes that resonate with hardcore movie fans.

In the first trailer, Sandra Bullock's Dr. Ryan Stone and George Clooney's Matt Kowalsky was introduced in the middle of a spacewalk that went horribly wrong. It ended with Bullock's character spinning out of control as she disconnects from the spacewalk tether that was keeping her near the now-damaged shuttle. The second trailer picks up where the first left off, and it does a fine job of conveying a very real sense of helplessness:

Not sure what I would do in that situation, to be honest. I'd probably just remove my helmet and let the vacuum of space take its course. Because that's not the way Hollywood works, and, to be honest, that probably wouldn't make a very good film, it doesn't look like Gravity will be ending in such a manner. Instead, the description indicates the two stranded astronauts--well, one astronaut (Clooney), and one scientist--have to go further into space for a chance of surviving. While this is pretty dubious, it stands to reason to stranded spacewalkers are going to try to make it to another spacecraft, be it the International Space Station, or something similar that was created for the movie.

Gravity will be in theaters on October 4 of this year.