New Yorkers Want Wal-Mart

    April 6, 2005

A recent consumer survey that measured the opinions of New Yorkers about the opening of Wal-Mart stores within the city’s five boroughs revealed that 62% would welcome the discount retailer to the city.

Nearly two-thirds said they would likely shop at New York City Wal-Mart stores, and the store and its low prices are known to most New Yorkers. Sixty-seven percent have already shopped at a Wal-Mart store in other markets.

Currently, 56% percent of New Yorkers say they travel outside of the city to shop, with Wal-Mart as the number one destination for out-of-town shopping. In fact, Wal-Mart estimates that New Yorkers have spent almost $98 million at area Wal-Mart stores outside of the five boroughs in 2004.

The survey research was conducted by Fabrizio McLaughlin & Associates among 800 New York City residents. The respondents were asked questions that were intended to gauge the attitudes, opinions and perceptions about Wal-Mart among New Yorkers.

“This survey demonstrates that New Yorkers appreciate the value Wal-Mart could bring to New York City,” said Mia Masten, Wal-Mart’s Director of Corporate Affairs, East Region. “Contrary to what a vocal minority led by special interest groups imply, these results clearly show that a majority of New Yorkers are interested in what Wal-Mart can offer in terms of jobs, increased tax revenue, and especially, everyday low prices on a variety of merchandise. And in fact, New Yorkers are already taking advantage of what Wal-Mart has to offer by shopping in area stores.”

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