New York Times Gets With The Times

    December 11, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

It seems odd at first glance that just because the New York Times caught up with the news-sharing concept by adding tools to submit to Digg, Facebook, and Newsvine got a whole article written about it in the Seattle Post Intelligencer. It’s about time, you might think, but the real story is the serious lift and credibility it gives those Web 2.0 sites.

Anybody who uses the Web on a regular basis knows about Digg and company and many sites, like, have been using these tools for a while now.

But the NYT hadn’t been using them. And there are probably many NYT readers that didn’t know about them.

Now they do.

The tools launched today, and the granddaddy of all newspapers is sending their content off to be shared, validating the medium. and Facebook are already fairly high profile, but Newsvine, which SeattlePI reporter John Cook tells us is a Seattle-based startup founded by four former Disney employees, is getting a heck of a boost into the public eye.

The NYT said it was looking for ways to tap the tech-savvy audience (advertisers really like tech-savvy audiences) and boost awareness of the paper’s content. Not that needed a lot of help. As the most popular newspaper site, it pulls in about 10 million visitors per month.


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