New York Marathon: Should The Show Go On?

    November 2, 2012
    Amanda Crum

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, many are wondering if the New York Marathon should still take place, especially considering that it’s not an event which can be held in one area, but would take runners through a winding path filled with dangerous debris and residents trying to clean up their broken lives.

Many on both sides of the argument are citing the memory of a marathon which took place right after 9/11, with the pro-group saying it could be a positive thing for the city and the con-group saying it’s an entirely different circumstance.

“It just felt right under the circumstances in 2001 — a show of hopefulness, resilience, defiance of those who would destroy us — and it just feels wrong this year — frivolous in the face of tragedy,” wrote one commenter on the New York Times website.

Mayor Bloomberg insists that the race will go on, however, perhaps realizing that the marathon is a huge money-generator for the city.

Image: cardinalblack