New Web Site Hopes To Be Facebook For Sports Fans

    August 18, 2008
  is a new Web site that hopes to compete with other large sports sites such as ESPN and Fox while offering social networking features.

The sites founder, David Katz, formerly head of Yahoo Sports believes the site will be able to attract a unique following. He says other sports sites are behind the times with what they offer users.

"Those other sites are fundamentally all the same," he told The NYT, calling them "imbued with traditional media DNA." He added that they are "not built for the next generation and for the evolving needs of sports fans."

The main idea of the site is to have features that flow naturally into one another creating a community that would become viral. Katz says SportsFanLive will become its own Facebook style social network.

Another key aspect of the site is user customization similar to MyYahoo and MyESPN. Users will be able to select teams they like and dislike and receive news from m ore than 4,500 aggregated sources.

Katz says this is better than other sites that aggregate hundreds of sources instead of thousands.

"Our secret sauce is aggregation," Katz said. "Google is good for a general search but not at understanding the specific needs of specific people like sports fans."