New Ways To Track Microsoft adCenter Conversions

    March 18, 2009
    Chris Crum

Different people have different ways of counting conversions, and options with which to do so can prove helpful for catering to the advertiser’s personal preferences. Microsoft has released a new package of conversion counting controls for adCenter.


 The controls allow you to specify how you want to count your conversions. adCenter now offers the following three conversion counting options:

1. Count One Conversion Per Click

2. Count One Conversion Per Unique URL

3. Count All

"Option 1 is the easiest method, as it does not require you to make any major changes apart from the conversion script," says Brendan at the adCenter Blog. "It does, however, mean that you won’t see repeated conversions, and so if this is desirable you should consider option 2 and note the additional set-up required."

To implement your preferred counting option, you need to adjust the javascript. Brendan walks you through how to do this here. For additional details on the hows and whys of changing your counting preferences, Microsoft also offers this informative tracking guide (pdf).