New Watch Dogs Trailer Previews Hacking Mechanic


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Some type of "hacking" is known to be a big part of Ubisoft's upcoming Watch Dogs. Such a big part, in fact, that it's basically what sets it apart from other open-world games such as Grand Theft Auto V. Though Ubisoft has previewed quite a bit of Watch Dogs, and shown quite a bit of this "hacking" in action, exactly how it will work has not been detailed until now.

A new video preview for Watch Dogs was released today showing off how players will hack their way across the city of Chicago. The preview reveals that the "hackable" electronics in the game are controlled by fictional software called CTOS. It's an pervasive system eerily reminiscent of the Skynet system from the Terminator franchise.

Players will have to unlock access to CTOS in the various districts across Chicago by installing a virus into regional control centers. Once that's done, players can view security cameras, spy on people, empty bank accounts, predict crimes, raise bridges, and a variety of other tasks (over 75 different "hacks," according to the video). Players will have a bullet-time-like "focus mode" they can use to survey a situation and quickly decide on what to hack. Using these powers will level up the main character, Aiden Pearce, unlocking different skills on a hacking skill tree.