New Viruses Target Wireless Communication

    February 10, 2005

In what is being termed as a “potential epidemic,” virus writers are planning on targeting attacks at mobile communication devices.

Mobile phones; PDAs; wireless networks; and vehicle-based computers, including satellite communications, are all potential targets for malicious programs. VoIP is also considered to be a prime target. According to

A report by Big Blue’s Global Security Intelligence Services team warns of a “new and troubling trend” as viruses targeting PDAs and mobiles, such as the Cabir worm, are used by copycats to spur an “epidemic” of viruses aimed at mobile devices.

IBM said that mobile devices are the new frontier for viruses, spam and other potential security threats, and that Bluetooth and other wireless technologies used to connect mobile devices create new avenues of attack for hackers.

One of the vehicles being considered to carry out these attacks are digital images. Because text information can be embedded into jpgs and other formats, digital photographs are ideal tools for virus writers.

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