New Version of Google Analytics Launched

    May 8, 2007

Google today is launching a much-improved interface for Google Analytics, according to Andy Beal. Andy has screenshots of the new interface (which I cannot access as of this writing), which has much bolder graphics to enable clearer to understand graphs, email reports, customizable dashboards so you get the data you want, and plainer language used to describe part of the interface.

Google Analytics

The last part is key, because Analytics currently is a mashup of terms that don’t actually help you get right to the information you want. I barely use Analytics anymore, because I have to hunt through menus to find simple things like referrers…

Is it under Content Optimization, where I do all my work? Let me check under Content Perfomance. No? Okay, how about Marketing Optimization, even though I don’t do marketing. Hmm, I bet it’s under Unique Visitor Tracking, since I’m looking for where visitors came from. No? Damn! Okay, what about Visitor Segment Performance. Ah, there! A link for Referring Source. Okay, so this new Tech Dispenser thing is sending me a lot of people. Lets see some detail. Click the Arrow, then Cross Segment Performance, then Source. Nope, nothing there. How about Content? There we go, top referrers from that site! Now, I can click these links to see the referring page, right? What do you mean they aren’t links?!? Kill me!!!

All users should expect the new version in the next 30 days, and new accounts should already have it. Thank god. I wonder if I was onto something with my MeasureMap ruminating? I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the clearer graphics came from there, and maybe some of the other code.

There are even more details at Search Engine Land, where the screenshot came from.