New Twitter Numbers Show Tweeting Increase

    October 2, 2009
    Chris Crum

Last month, we looked at Twitter’s numbers for user registrations and total tweets for the month of August, and found what appeared to be the first month of the year in which tweets sent by Twitter users decreased. User registrations also appeared to decline for the second time of the year.

The information was supplied by Matthew Daines, the lead developer of the Twitter app, Twellow. Daines has now shared the statistics for the month of September.

We still see a small decline in new user registrations, but tweeting appears to be turning around and going back up.

Twitter Registrations in September

Tweets in September

"Overall the numbers appear to show continued growth for Twitter," says Daines. "The decline in the number of tweets sent in August can likely be attributed to the denial of service attacks plus the unusually high number of tweets sent in July. While the registrations count continues a trend of decline, Twitter is approaching the 100 million registrations mark. Again, we need to take into consideration that these numbers don’t reflect suspended and deleted accounts."

Daines says he also found a big gap in the tweet IDs due to the second "twitpocalypse", so he accounted for that in the calculations on these stats. The numbers for September show Twitter skipped 117 million IDs for the second twitpocalypse.