New Twitter Homepage Days Away

    July 24, 2009

In the 1985 movie "The Quiet Earth," one character suggests that people decide whether or not they like something within the first two seconds of seeing it.  Now, Twitter’s going to work on the first impression it gives by introducing a new homepage.

The move makes a great deal of sense.  Despite all of the press Twitter’s received, many people still have trouble understanding how it works.  (Review the David Letterman-Kevin Spacey clip if you’ve got any doubts.)  Or why Twitter should even exist, for that matter.  (Conan O’Brien does a segment on this subject.)

Biz Stone explained to Kara Swisher how he hopes to solve some problems.  "We want it to show us as a place where people can discover what is going on in real-time and much more."

Stone also described one hook that the new homepage will introduce: "You can try it out without having to sign up, so you can get an idea of what Twitter is before you use it."

The homepage is supposed to debut next week.  It’ll be interesting to see if Twitter’s critics grow any less confused and/or disdainful in the subsequent days.