Twitter Election Site Highlights New Media’s Relevancy

Blogs and Social Media Contribute to Elections

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Last night Twitter launched an Election site that features Tweets involving the presidential and vice presidential candidates rolling in almost faster than you can read them. In Twitter’s words, "We’re filtering hundreds of Twitter updates per minute to create a new source for gathering public opinion about the presidential election and a new way for you to share your thoughts."

This is just the latest in efforts from social sites to get users more involved with the U.S. presidential election. Digg’s been at it for a while. Facebook is talking about it. It all just really highlights this election as a landmark one as far as the public getting involved, in large part thanks to new media. New media was in its infancy the last time we had an election, and now it is in high gear, and it’s giving the public not only a forum to voice their opinions, but a platform from which they can actually be heard by a lot of people.

The popularity of sites like Digg, Twitter, and Facebook (and others) just emphasizes the potential impact this can really have on the outcome of the election. With so many voices talking about the candidates and who is doing what, and who said what to whom, etc, voters don’t necessarily have to form their opinions based on what they see and hear from mainstream traditional media outlets (whether you view this as a good thing or a bad thing). It is very similar to what I talked about in this post at PureBlogging.

Google’s working on a tool called In Quotes, which allows you to pinpoint quotes from news stories by certain people, and the presidential candidates are currently highlighted here as well. This tool, currently in its infancy, still has a lot of work that needs to be done, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it as a full-fledged feature of Google News by the next election. This will just provide even more ammo for bloggers and journalists and those having conversations on social sites.

I think this year is the first of many where blogs and social media will play a truly significant role in helping voters to form their opinions on candidates and ultimately help them decide who they want to vote for (even if only on a subconscious level). Of course at this point, I think most people are pretty much set on who they’re going to vote for. For more on Twitter’s site, there’s a post on the Twitter blog.

Twitter Election Site Highlights New Media’s Relevancy
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  • http://blog.yoono.com/blog Adam Jackson

    I think this is reallly good for Twitter. I just wish they would use this technology for Twitter groups.

  • http://www.tirol-ferienwohnung.com Guest

    Teh popularity of sites like Twitter, Digg and Facebook is a very good for Social Media



  • http://homebusinessbranding.wordpress.com iBuild

    That might seem like an odd comment considering many folks still don’t count social media as a viable news source. But I’m LOVING it. We’ve been too long only depending on traditional, mainstream media which we all know is twisted and warped by Big Business and the Government. Now the little folks like us actually have a way to speak out and provide up-to-date news.

    I was able to watch Friday night’s debate via live, online streaming and keep up with tweets at the same time. Several well-known sources we’re giving minute-by-minute updates for those who maybe couldn’t watch. Then a flood of different opinions came in afterwards. I’ve never seen Main St. America roar so loud, but it’s a great thing! At least this time (unlike with both of George Bush’s campaigns), I feel more like I’m getting the real stuff from every angle than the dressed-up stuff from sources that have something to gain financially, if you know what I mean.

    Kudos to Twitter, Digg and the rest for giving the people what they want. If only you guys were our government…

  • http://www.spanishseo.org/ International SEO

    I think this was expected, given the high traffic Twitter has in terms of conversation regarding the elections. One smart way of capitalizing their property. Even though expansion is good, I hope they took the time to also improve the rest of the system

  • Matt

    Also check out this new Twitter tracker called Fresh Squeezed Tweets- http://anorangeamerica.com/
    We rolled this out for Tropicana just as the polls opened on election morning at New Media Strategies.
    It pulls Tweets in real time, crunches the numbers and displays the connections between conversations with some pretty cool graphics.  Election may be over, but its got some fascinating stuff there to look at, especially now.  Give it a look…

  • Guest

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