New Trails in Search – Trexy and Turbo 10

    December 11, 2006

I’m often sent media releases about new search engines or software that all claim to be a first in the industry for something.

These “exciting concepts in search” rarely turn out to be anything but Google wannabes dressed in a more exciting skin.

So my attitude to a Media Release about up and coming search engines Trexy and Turbo 10 was quite sceptical. But I have to admit, these two do have the wow factor AND it appears the technology kudos to create an impact.

Trexy uses the trails created by other (anonymous) searchers on other search engines and stores them for access by new searchers. To use the trails of others or blaze your own trail, you do need to download the Trexy Trailbar, but the concept is pretty interesting. The British Computer Society thought so too – Trexy won a BCS IT Professional award for “technical novelty and inventiveness” this week.

Turbo 10 is probably the more exciting of the two projects. It claims to be the first search engine in the world to uncover information in the “Invisible Web” which is estimated to be 500 times greater than the information currently indexed by crawler-based engines such as Google and Yahoo. Utilising connections to over 800 search engines, Turbo10 enables users to directly search these databases in real-time and search up to 10 Deep Net engines simultaneously. I’ve given Turbo 10 a whirl and the results are impressive!

Not bad for a couple of Aussie siblings living in London. Congratulations to brother and sister team Megan and Nigel. I hope I send more eyeballs your way.



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