New Tool Aims To Fight Click Fraud

Reduces rate of fraud

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Click Forensics has introduced a new tool to help marketers combat click fraud.

The new tool is called "Block List" which provides ad networks with a continually updated list of visitor IP addresses and publishers known to generate online click fraud. Block List can be used with the Click Forensics platform to block invalid traffic and to shift  advertsing dollars to other sources that offer better results.

The Block List tool could help marketers reduce the rate of click fraud between 15 to 25 percent according to Click Forensics.

Paul Pellman
Paul Pellman

"Our new Block List is a quick first step for ad networks looking for information on some of the best and worst online traffic sources," said Paul Pellman, CEO of Click Forensics.

"They can use it to help their clients make the most of their online advertising investments."

Examples of blocked traffic sources include:

–Publishers committing click fraud;
–IP addresses of visitors known to commit a high level of fraud;
–IP address ranges generating non-human traffic, such as co-location facilities; and
–Other traffic sources that generate hacker attacks and spam.

"The Click Forensics Block List feature is an invaluable tool to help us protect our advertisers and deliver better results," said Evan Balafas, Managing Director of Excite Digital Media, a search advertising network.

"Just as we proactively protect our own computers from viruses and malware threats, we need to continually do the same for our advertisers so they get the most out of the millions of dollars they spend online."



New Tool Aims To Fight Click Fraud
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  • http://bit.ly/4aiEa Daniel Smith

    This will help in reducing the amount of click frauds. I hope all the major ad networks and websites incorporate Block List to stop click frauds.

  • http://www.latterkursus.dk/latterinstruktoer.htm Latterinstrukt

    I am looking forward to seing bounce rates diminish. So far organic search results have been bouncing about 30% and PPC has bounced 70%, thus indicating some kind of click fraud going on – tell me where to sign up :-)

  • http://officialsafetyandsecurity.com Official Safety and Security

    This may restore my faith in Pay Per Click campaigns. I’ve basically stopped running them for my safety and security web site because of click fraud. Thanks, Mike.

  • Guest

    I reviewed block list. It is not a solution; it’s a band-aid on a gaping wound. Plus, why should end users be held responsible to fix something that was broken from day one? Come on. Nothing new here. Move along now.

  • Gin

    My website recently got a high volume of clicks from show.com and ehow.com which is unrelated and irrevelant to to the business I am in. Any ideas whether they may be potential click fraud sites? Thanks a lot!

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