New Search Engine Has Answers

    August 7, 2007

A new search engine has launched called QueryCat that has indexed frequently asked questions (FAQ) from across the web and made them searchable.

New Search Engine Has Answers
New Search Engine Has Answers

In an email interview with WebProNews, founder Kevin Carey spoke about QueryCat.

When asked what gave him the idea for the site he said that the major search engines are good for indexing and searching the Web but the way they present data is lacking. Users have to click out to the Web site to find more information. QueryCat is an attempt to find the user an answer in a more efficient way.

The site currently has more than 4 million question and answer pairs. The company is working on technology to group questions together to show users the answers they have found from multiple sites.

QueryCat does not have a feature where users of the site can rate the answers they receive but plans are in the works to do so once more questions are indexed. In the next few months Mr. Carey said he plans to release a new index with up to 8 million questions and launch reviews for the sites answers.

On why users should choose QueryCat over Google or Yahoo, Mr. Carey said he was realistic about his site’s place in the search engine world and thought it was unlikely that it would be a major competitor to Google or Yahoo. Mr. Carey said," The hope is that QueryCAT will be an additional resource for people looking to find direct answers to questions, and a tool to find out what a number of different sites have to say about a

He added," In addition, I hope that we will be able to share our technology with other search engines to improve their results. Google, for example, might use QueryCAT’s technology to power "OneBox" results that are sometimes displayed above search results. I also hope that we will be able to work with the community-driven answer sites such as
Yahoo! Answers and to flesh out the information available on those sites."