New Rumor Has Google Acquiring Akamai

    October 14, 2009

At the moment, the Dow’s down 0.24 percent and the Nasdaq’s down 0.14 percent – it’s not a great day for the market.  One company’s stock is doing more than all right, however, as there’s a rumor that Google might acquire it.

Akamai, which deals in content delivery networks, is the organization that might be in Google’s good graces.  Some investors have accepted the idea to the point that they’ve sent Akamai’s stock up 3.38 percent so far today.

That’s not an inconsiderable amount, and there are some potential synergies between Google and Akamai.  Akamai is a believer in cloud computing, for one thing (which could tie to Google Apps), and it’s also interested in delivering HD video (which could benefit YouTube).

Doubters might want to consider what Eric Schmidt said 20 days ago regarding once-per-month acquisitions, as well.  If he intends to stick to that estimate, the clock is sort of ticking.

However, it’s far from certain that a takeover will occur.  Eric Savitz and Dan Rayburn don’t think it’ll go through.  Fil Zucchi added that he’s heard a lot of Akamai acquisition rumors before.  We’ll see what happens, then.