New Resident Evil 6 Trailers Released


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Resident Evil fans have already been treated to plenty of Resident Evil 6 gameplay footage. They've been shown what they can expect to get in their shiny collector's editions. Capcom has shown off their idea of a Resident Evil 6 endgame, and Dragon's Dogma owners have had access to the demo since July.

Now, though, with less than one month to go before release day, Capcom has unleashed the real marketing. Today sees the debut of two new TV spots for the game, both titled "No Hope Left." One features clips from Resident Evil 6's cutscenes, while the other is a cinematic that shows the reaction of real people to...something. The release of the "C" Virus, I guess. Their faces are full of despair.

Both trailers are slightly depressing, but hopefully they foreshadow that some closure is finally coming to a few of the story arcs in the Resident Evil franchise.