New Netflix Original ‘Mako Mermaids’ Now Available For Streaming

    July 26, 2013
    Chris Crum
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Netflix’s newest original show, Mako Mermaids, is now available for streaming. The show is a spin-off of popular Australian teen show H20 – Just Add Water.

Here’s the official description:

This sequel to “H2O: Just Add Water” follows a boy named Zac who turns into a merman after falling into a magical Pool. Zac’s new powers could spell trouble for the three young mermaids who guard Mako Island.

Thirteen episodes are available, and another thirteen will be available in September. Titles of the available episodes are: Outcasts, Getting Legs, Meeting Rita, Lyla Alone, Blizzard, Dolphin Tale, Zac’s Pool Party, Zac’s Return To Mako, The Siren, Zac Returns to Mako, I Don’t Believe in Mermaids, Close Call and Betrayal.

Titles for the forthcoming episodes are: Battlelines, Sirena’s Secret, Truce, Moon Ring 2, The Trident Job, Where’s the On Button?, Nowhere to Hide, Aquata Returns, Evie Times Two, Zac’s Choice and Trust.

So far this year, Netflix has had an incredible run with its original shows. Three of them have fourteen Emmy nominations among them, and another appears to be even more popular than those. In September, Netflix members in the U.S. will get to experience the Ricky Gervais show Derek as a streaming exclusive.

  • eric

    Love the show its great. I hope the show can go on longer than h2o because its one of my favorite shows.

    • http://newnetflix cinderella

      so yau’ll tell me that theres a now h2o why in the hell did you do that the h2o with cleo rikki nand emma there no reason that you are making a now h2o that now h2o is just a peace of shit

  • daniela

    watched Mako mermaid.I really loved it it so awesome.Cant wait for the other episodes to come out!!!

  • Brittany

    When does season 2 come out I just watched the entire first season with my sister today(: We love H2O and we saw it and were like YES!

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/chris-crum Chris Crum

      More episodes will be available next month.

    • http://netfliexorginalmako cinderella

      brittany how come you wacth the new h2o i don’t i know how you can wacth that

  • Toni

    Love mako island of serect it great I keep watching over and over. I hope the show can go on longer than H2o

  • nora

    I AM INLOVE WITH THIS SHOW!! I’m 19 and would rather watch this show than most other shows:) I loved H2O and am so glad that they at least continued with this show:) can’t wait for the new episodes!!!!!

  • lita

    im not even a teen and I love this show please hurry with the new series…

  • http://Netfix dale

    I am a sixty + old guy and I enjoy watching this with my grand daughters. Nice to have a show that I can walk away from and not worry about what they see or hear.


  • Victoria

    I really love Mako Mermaids. I have watch episodes 1-26 in September and now its December. Do you know when more episodes will come out? Thanks.

  • imanigirl300

    I think the person who made this is a genius, but needs to show proof of a real mermaid. imanigirl300

  • you go girls

    are there any real mermaids

  • tisha

    of coures the are real mermaids saco my little sister want to go to mao island on a fool moon and turn into a mermaid

  • julius

    I don’t want to be a a mermaid because people might find out and i wouldn’t be able to be with my friends and family i would have to leave them.

  • Mermaid jada

    It is Mako mermaids not mao and the moon pool isn’t real U won’t find it on mako mermaids and mermaids are real look it up on animal planet of google mermaid the body found

  • Lily

    I think mermaids are very cool but real mermaids are creepy and they are killing machines google real mermaids and go to pictures you will see what I am talking about this show is all one huge lie that’s my opion

  • Lily

    Also real mermaids would not go on land not have powers and they have nothing to do with a full moon once again one big lie

    • mermaid lover

      hey! Lily your just a hater also its opinion not opion and your opinion doesn’t matter because lots of people love this show and i am one of them oh and also no one knows what real mermaids like on animal planet eat and i doubt that they are killing machines and the only way to know if there killing machines is if you’ve come in contact with one and it tried to kill you so before you talk think and how do you know if its one big lie….hater.

  • mermaid lover

    i have a mermaid tale there very cool and i absolutely love this show and can’t wait until season 2 comes out.

  • malikos

    you are very interesting