New 'Need For Speed' Trailer Shows More Silly Story


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EA's Need For Speed: Rivals appears to be one of the better third-party titles launching for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox one at launch. It's unfortunate, then, that the series' movie adaptation looks like a budget attempt to cash-in on the Need For Speed name.

Back in September DreamWorks Studios released the first teaser trailer for the movie, showing Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul as a street racer out for revenge. The movie's story involves Paul's character entering a cross-country street race to obtain his vengeance and get back at the former colleague who landed him in prison.

That first teaser made the movie look like a silly Fast and Furious rip-off, and the studio hasn't done much to dispute that in the months since. Today DreamWorks released the first full-length trailer for Need For Speed. It shows even more of a story that seems impossibly silly, but also shows off some flashy cars and nice stunt driving. It also seems that Aaron Paul has put on his Batman voice for the movie:

Need For Speed is currently scheduled for a March 14, 2014 release. In addition to March being a historically bad month for movie releases, the month is also the month that a number of big video games are scheduled for release. This means that even the demographic the Need For Speed brand would normally target could be too distracted with Titanfall or Infamous: Second Son to care.