New Monopoly Token Proves That Cats Still Rule The Internet

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In August of 2013 Hasbro Inc. announced that they would be replacing the iconic iron game piece in the classic Monopoly board game with a cat. And not just any cat; a democratically picked cat which was chosen through an internet poll.

Gizmodo released a rather lengthy and cheeky review saying, "This cat is the product of democracy in action. This cat is America."

Since the replacement, the social sphere has been a buzz with tweets, videos, opinion pieces and even Gizmodo's cat Photoshop contest. It seems that everyone has an opinion of this new fan-chosen feline.

Not all Monopoly fans are happy about the change though. What about their fond childhood memories?



Even local news reporters are getting in on the social debate:

A new Monopoly Commercial was launched to introduce the new game piece. The gaming company may even be poking fun at itself, or cat fans.

[Video Source: PassGoMonopoly]

In the 1950's Hasbro replaced the rocking horse, purse and lantern tokens with the wheelbarrow, horse and dog. Too bad the internet wasn't around then; it would've been interesting to see the uproar. Or did Monopoly fans just simply embrace the new dog token back then?


What do you think? Should the internet mascot officially be the cat?

[Main Image Source: Hasbro]