New Metal Gear Rising Trailer is Not Subtle


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The Tokyo game show is in full-swing this week, and though the content of the show is heavily Japanese-centric and loaded with game announcements for many titles that will never be released outside of Japan, often us gamers in the west can catch a glimpse of what is to come from some of the bigger Japanese game publishers such as Konami and Capcom.

Today, a brand new trailer for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance debuted, and it shows off what promises to be an action-packed Devil May Cry-style hack-and-slash rampage. Where other Metal Gear games emphasized stealth gameplay where guards are guards are around to be confused or hidden from, the guards in Revengeance appear to be so much prey to be hunted.

While the trailer is in Japanese, it's clear that it highlights the villains of the game. The most bizarre boss seen is a high-heeled woman with large bouncing breasts and a power suit that allows her to have twelve or fourteen extra arms.

Whatever fans of the Metal Gear games have to say about Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance's place in their favorite franchise, it seems clear that the game will be entertaining on at least a few different levels.