New Jersey Law Seeks Monitoring Of Social Networks

Aims to stop cyber-bullying

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The New Jersey State Legislature is considering a bill that would force social networking sites to monitor posts that are offensive or face legal action.

If the bill is enacted it would likely have little impact on sites like Facebook or MySpace since the Federal Communications Decency Act protects sites from lawsuits based on users posts.

Anne Milgram
Anne Milgram

The bill is part of New Jersey Attorney General Anne Milgram’s initiative concerning Internet safety. "The social networking site safety act is intended to deter cyber-bullying and the misuse of social networking Web sites," the Office of Attorney General said in a statement about the proposed bill.

"The bill empowers users of social networking sites to take steps to stop harassment or exploitation."

The bill would require a social networking website to display an icon or link that would allow users to report sexually offensive or abusive communication. The sites would then investigate the comments and contact law enforcement if necessary.  The sites would also have to allow user to block messages from the offenders.

Social networks and Internet service providers already have policies in place that address harassment and obscenity. They also work in cooperation with law enforcement on such issues.

New Jersey Law Seeks Monitoring Of Social Networks
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  • http://www.trackermo.com Marige OBrien

    This is just another case of absentee/governmental parenting here in NJ. It’s nothing new at all. Maybe it’s because too many schools have adopted corporate cultures– because too many parents work within corporations here.

    I can never decide if the parents really can’t be trusted to monitor their kids or if the government simply doesn’t approve of the way kids are parented. And that’s just on the elementary level.

    It becomes an even more dicey subject once the children enter middle school.

    My kids were finally freed from the high school level last year– and we all heaved a huge sigh of relief. Bottom line? If the parents don’t agree with the gestapo tactics of some schools, they immediately come under suspicion.

    That’s where the REAL bullying begins.

  • Guest

    Surprise surprise its just another case of the world going mad. Its big brother gone crazy. soon we will only be allowed to breather in a certain way!!
    Alan from internet business

  • Kar Shtak Avaar

    I applaud Anne Milgram’s proposal. The Communications Decency Act has been perverted by the courts into granting blanket immunity to lazy and negligent ISPs to look the other way when their abusive users violate the ISP’s own policies. No one who hasn’t been through the experience of online cyber stalking and harassment appreciates how the CDA grants complete immunity to any ISP who can legally ignore any complaints about their abusive clients without redress. Companies like Google provide free portals to enable anyone bent on a smear campaign to utterly destroy a person’s good name and reputation out of jealousy and spite, and do it without fear of any legal redress. You can sue the author, but so what? The defendant author is often bankrupt, which means you, the victim, are only put further out of pocket

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