New iPod Nano Is Thinner, Sports Bigger Screen and a Home Button

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The iPhone 5 isn't the only news coming out of Apple's media event today. The company has also redesigned their super-portable music player, the iPod Nano.

First off, it's thinner. Quite a bit thinner, actually. It's only 5.4mm thick, which is 38% thinner than the previous generation.

But thinner doesn't mean smaller, as Apple has put the largest display they've ever put on the device. It's a 2.5-inch screen with multitouch. It even has a home button, which makes it look pretty similar to a very small iPhone.

They've also brought back video to the iPod Nano - and it's widescreen. They've included an FM tuner that has live pause as well. Also included: a built in fitness pedometer and bluetooth.

The device will sport the new lightning connector and Apple says that it has the longest battery life of any Nano, ever.

Finally, the new iPod Nano is colorful. It will launch in seven different colors:

Cost: $149. Available in October.

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[Image via The Verge]
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