New Internet Board Game- Googolopoly!

    June 18, 2008

We have all played ‘Monopoly’ the game, as we grew up and still on weekends or on family picnics or getaways, Monopoly is one of the preferred games. However, Monopoly’s ‘monopoly’ is about to end. Google has introduced an all new Googolopoly Game.

Although mostly based on monopoly, this game’s theme and ultimate goal is quite different. Unlike in Monopoly, where players had the goal to gather huge sums of money, in Googolopoly the player’s goal is to “organize all of the world’s information.” To achieve this, you can buy or build internet properties. The board includes fields like “Go” or a “deadpool” jail (“404 error file not found”) and properties you can buy, range from Jotspot, YouTube, SketchUp, over to PayPal, eBay, Yahoo! and Microsoft.

Sounds to me like a very interesting game and worth spending time onto! Well, interested useres can download this game from

Googolopoly Game