New Intent-based Search Engine to Provide True Personalization

    September 28, 2004

Multi-patented, Deductive Search Technology Provides True Relevance and Personalization to Users While Reducing Hardware and People Resources by up To 50%.

Market Central has launched SourceWare Search, new multi-patented, fully automated, “intent-based” search solution. SourceWare Search was established to fill a void within the corporate enterprise and commercial search markets for a deductive search engine capable of providing true relevance and personalization to users at multi-terabyte scale, as well as enable organizations or web search operators to reduce capital and maintenance expenses by up to 50 percent and more.

Market Central President & CEO, Doyal Bryant, said, “Rapid increases in information and technology are revolutionizing the search process. SourceWare Search is on the leading edge of this transformation in that it successfully addresses the critical issue of relevance and personalization within the search environment.” Bryant continued, “Backed by a portfolio of patents, SourceWare Search is unique in that it offers the corporate enterprise and commercial search markets the proven ability to use search to dramatically improve data and information management, while realizing significant cost savings at the same time.”

Unlike other conventional search technologies, SourceWare Search will enable specialized portals to offer faster service and more relevant data to its customers by accurately gauging user intent. Using sophisticated natural language processing and interactive artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms based on automated classification, SourceWare Search creates extremely efficient meta-data. As a result, SourceWare Search is able to process information in a number of unique ways to accomplish real-time updates to the production environment, classification, and natural language processing, which ultimately leads to a fast, point-and-click path to relevant information for users. In addition, the underlying technology that creates SourceWare Search’s functionality will be applied in order to create other revolutionary breakthroughs in the areas of Intelligent Document Recognition, Content Management, Document Management, Data Storage, and Knowledge Management.

The significant benefit to users is that SourceWare Search is extremely fast and easy to use, freeing them from the pressure of developing a complete and precise search query to find and retrieve data. SourceWare Search takes the user’s search input and immediately identifies the user’s intent through the simultaneous examination of the stems, synonyms, concepts, and key phrases and then brings back results ranked on the basis of relevance. In the process, SourceWare Search automatically categorizes its results with statistically significant words and phrases so the user can recognize the appropriate context for the search objective from the available data. Then the user simply selects a topic (or set of topics) that most closely tie to the search objective and in the subsequent search will receive precise information with even more specific subject groups for selection.

For organizations, SourceWare Search is designed to find and effectively leverage information across the enterprise, whether contained in an Intranet, email, C drives, file servers, or in a database on the network. Because of its underlying architecture and zero latent, unstructured data technology, SourceWare Search completely eliminates manual re-indexing requirements, enabling large enterprises such as shopping and e-commerce sites to cut hardware infrastructure, processing requirements, and human interaction by up to 50 percent and more.

SourceWare Search features include:

— Zero Latency (i.e., no re-indexing required)

— Real-time updating of the production servers

— Large capacity per data server

— Distributed search

— Full automation of crawling, classification, and semantics

— Single query semantic interpretation

— Real-time personalization of the semantics

— Customizable relevancy ranking

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