New Google Wristwatch Debuts 4/1/4

    April 1, 2004

Get ready for the Google Search Engine Watch. This will give users access to Google search from their wrists.

First reported by Andy Beal (who is known for his fondness for April Fools Day pranks), Google’s newest tool “will be able to use a modified Google API to view search results on your wrist. At launch, the service will be limited to local search results.”

Google’s watch will be using licensed voice recognition software from IBM. They are planning to combine it with their own Google Voice Search. Google has recently begun testing this service.

In order to activate the watch’s search function, users will have to push the right-hand dial. This will query Google’s search function. Results are streamed back to the user via the watch face.

Sound too good to be true? That may be because the watch information was leaked on April Fools Day. Google has previously used April 1st to announce features and tools that are bigger than life, and with tongue firmly planted in cheek.

More news about their search engine timepiece will be released on Friday, April 2nd.

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