New Google Tool Benefits Both AdWords and AdSense Users

    May 6, 2009
    Chris Crum

Google has launched the Google Ad Planner Publisher Center. This is a new feature of the Google Ad Planner that is designed to improve the quality and accuracy of site data.

Google Ad Planner Publisher Center

"The Publisher Center enables publishers to contribute directly to the site data provided in Google Ad Planner," explains Emel Mutlu at Google’s Inside AdWords Blog. "Website owners can specify their site descriptions, content categories, supported ad formats and sizes, and share their Google Analytics traffic data in Google Ad Planner. With shared Google Analytics data, we can supplement our traffic estimates with actual, site-measured data from the publishers themselves. In turn, you’ll have access to more robust and accurate information in Google Ad Planner to make better-informed decisions about which sites to include in your media plans."

For AdSense publishers, the tool means that they can increase the visibility of their sites to potential advertisers. "As more advertisers become aware of your sites and bid to show ads on them, the competition among your ads will increase and so should your earnings potential," says Google Ad Planner Product Manager Wayne Lin.

Google Analytics users who wish to manage their site profile in Google Ad Planner and opt in their traffic metrics need to enable "Share my Google Analytics data with Google products only" from the Google Analytics data sharing settings page.

After that, they should go to their Google Ad Planner account, log in, and select the Google Analytics metrics they would like to share publicly. These metrics will then replace Ad Planner’s estimates.

Google Ad Planner Publisher Center

For info is available at this help center. You can also watch the videos above.