New Gaddafi Capture Video Hits The Web

Is the clearest video yet of the chaotic scene

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It’s been four days since the death of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, and a new video of his capture has hit the internet.

It’s the clearest video yet of the moments after Libyan rebels took him under their control, and it shows a bloodied, terrified, but still alive Gaddafi being propped up, dragged around, as well as abused by his captors.

On Sunday, reports emerged from Libya that named the cause of death as a gunshot wound to the head, and also confirmed reports that the Colonel had been shots multiple times before eventually succumbing to his wounds. What actually happened in the moments leading up to Gaddafi’s death is still unknown, but it is speculated that he might have been executed by one of his captors. The BBC has video of one of his captors who apparently takes credit for the killing.

The United States has joined other nations calling for a full investigation into his capture and death.

In an incredibly odd turn, it was learned that Gaddafi’s body has been turned into an attraction for some in Libya, as it is being stored in a refrigerated unit inside a shopping mall in Misrata.

The video above is now part of the historical record, and gives an important look into the crucial moments (presumably) right before his death. No matter how you feel about Gaddafi or the actions that led to his demise, one thing is certain: it’s a harrowing portrayal of the realities of war.

New Gaddafi Capture Video Hits The Web
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  • Anon

    How does this fit into the subject matter of WebProNews?

    • http://www.hce-uk.com Medical Equipment

      Web News?

  • http://www.helpdeskit.com.au Sam Halcrow

    Very disturbing to see the amount of blood on his face increase as the video goes on. He deserves to be punished for his disgusting crimes.

  • Onyeka

    Evil can not last no matter how beautiful it may look.What goes around comes around.

  • ernie

    is the video downloadable?

  • http://yahoo steve

    The scenerio is disturbing though, but its good for him because he has been doing such to others through his killer squads.

  • http://na Muamar Gahadafi

    You fools. i guess you all making such coments are europeans, americans or foolish africans who lack knowledge of oyur anscestors, idiots. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You all tend to listen to the forieng media and get sold out with their stories, what a shame, GHADAFFI is a soldeir and he is someone who you guys out there can never become!!!!!!!!!!!!, he dies as a brave soldier and all you africcan leaders are all puppets of the west. fucking idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He had the chance to flee his country like many other fake and corrupt leaders but he did not because he is a realist.

    It is glaring that at this presnet day due to corruption in africa and its bastard leaders that nato and its rats can combine to invade a sovering country cos of it smeneral reosurces, france has no oil reserves and the west always wnats more oil reserves at ther disposals, nato claims that they are protecting civilian lives, how does a convey affect civilian lives if he was not betrayed by his cousin?
    I’m gonna cut it short, LIBYA, the corrupt ntc and libyans has just suceeded in fighting for their country in being like nigeria, iraq, afganistan and other world countries that are endowed with meneral resoucres but the populace are suffering cos thier leaders are all puppets of the WEST, GHADDADFI nevr wnated this and he was killed by nato cos of this, why then make a fake of investigaton when you guys planed and plotted his death? well, time will tell and someday sharp africans will rise up against you guys who feel africa is your source of income and source of meneral resourceses when your economy is down.
    BE WARNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lawrencia

      I luv ur comment there, Gaddafi was a hero nd I ll continue to adore him for his deeds if not for the Libyans alone, for the Africans in general

  • steve

    Lies dem a tell as a properganda spit

  • Lawrencia

    Yeah, Ghadafi was indeed a hero. His deeds in Libya in particular nd Africa in general will never be under extimated. The west has done their worst nd ma fellow Africans re singn their praises with them. What a shame!!

  • raw

    I pray all those who are seeing themselves as heroes today will live to see the test of time. The west new Gadafi was and had been a threat to them in the whole of Africa, they plotted his down fall. If come tomorrow, one of those they use then rise against their government, they name such a terrorist whereas they are the one terrorising the world. Gadaffi was a true soldier, an african and a true leader who was ready to lead by example. You never wanted your people to be enslaved again but they chosed to be, I believe more of your kind are still in africa and will dare the west to support their country. Rest in peace.

  • http://Facebook Salami e.s

    You stand to reap what you sow. Gadafi is just a soul compare to the many innocent souls he had murderd .

  • http://yahoo me

    Gaddafi is a hero nato fight gaddafi coz he refused to accept there demand,imagen nato in africa just to lut our resource to build there country, they trough with libya, WHO NEXT?

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