New FriendFeed API Ready for Primetime

    August 6, 2009
    Chris Crum

In July, Friendfeed launched version 2 of its API in beta. The company said it was focusing on making it simpler and easier to use. Now the API has already left beta status.

Two weeks was apparently long enough to gather the necessary feedback and implement some changes accordingly. That doesn’t mean they’re opposed to receiving more feedback however. They’re encouraging it in the FriendFeed API group.


Besides removing the beta label from the API, FriendFeed added support for OAuth in applications installed on a user’s desktop or device. The company says it is similar to Google’s ClientLogin for Installed Applications.

FriendFeed shares some interesting apps that have been developed during the beta testing period. These include:

f2p: A FriendFeed mobile interface built

FriendBoo: A way to post audio updates to your FriendFeed from your phone.

FriendFoo: A real-time FriendFeed interface

PHP and Java libraries

New features of the API include the ability to get feeds in real time (including search), flexible sharing options like direct messages to users and sharing multiple feeds, file attachments, OAuth support, and a simplified response format. The documentation for the API can be found here. Developers may also be interested in getting on FriendFeed’s developer mailing list.