New Florida Logo Called Sexist by Tampa Locals

    February 11, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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Last week, Florida Governor Rick Scott and the economic development organization Enterprise Florida (EFI) revealed the sunshine state’s first-ever business brand. The slogan for the brand highlights the good weather in the state, associating it with a good “climate” for business.

“Each day I talk with CEOs around the world to tell them that Florida is the best place to do business,” said Scott. “Our unemployment rate is at a four year low, we’ve created close to 200,000 private sector jobs in just two years, and our K-12 education system has jumped into the top ten in the nation. We’re working aggressively to get businesses to Florida, so Florida families have more opportunities to pursue the American dream – and with this innovative business brand we will continue to attract more opportunities to the Sunshine State.”

However the logo for the brand has a few Florida residents crying sexism. The logo replaces the “i” in the state’s name with a necktie.

The Tampa Bay Tribune received complaints from several locals who claim the necktie implies Florida business is for males. According to the tribune, the EFI considered whether the necktie could be considered sexist, but decided that the tie is a “universal symbol of business.”

  • MB

    Looks like Rick Scott is a Canes fan. Green and Orange and I think the Tie is a reference to Al Golden (Miami’s football coach) https://www.facebook.com/FeartheTie

  • http://www.twitter.com/timmyj01 Tim

    I’m offended that the people who are offended think only men can wear a neck tie! In fact, women wear them all the time and why shouldn’t they? How sexist of them to say only men can wear them.

  • David

    I never post on this stuff. But good lord people you have to much time on your hand if your can look at a sign and say its sexist. IT AN F***ING SIGN!!!!! move on with your life and get a hobbie.

  • http://yahoo Jennifer Munster

    SERIOUSLY??? some people are way too sensitive. I am a successful business owner throughout several parts of Florida and in no way do i believe that a necktie symbolizes a men-only business state.

    You people who are criticizing should spend more time focusing on your business rather than worrying about a state logo. BELIEVE ME, there are plenty of other things that can impact your business SIGNIFICANTLY more than a state logo.

    get over it.

  • Christian

    Who cares about the tie? The logo is just plain ugly.

  • URKiddinMee

    Sexist? Political correctness run amok! Perhaps they’d all be happier with a depiction of HANGING CHADS?!

  • Daniel

    Hello, women can wear neckties too. No law saying only a man can wear one. Geez.

    • Tulip

      Of course women CAN wear ties, but we all know they don’t wear ties to work. And if they did wear ties, there are woman’s ties that don’t look like these. They should have used a high heel shoe instead. You know men can wear heels too right? There’s no law saying you can’t.

      • Derek

        So basically, you’re offended because the ad caters to the higher percentage gender in the work force….


        • Tulip

          Actually, I never said I was offended. But I can see where some women might be. Do you think because there’s a higher percentage of something, it is the only one that should be represented? That’s as stupid as you saying women wear ties.

  • avnrulz

    Hey, at least some one is pushing business in this economy! Besides, if this is all they have to complain about, they have too much time on their hands (again, probably thanks to this economy!).

  • Codie

    Anything to complain about. Whether is sexism or racism. Too many people just like to complain. By the way, women wear neckties too.

  • scott

    In 2000 the state of Floriday refused to count 40,000 votes during a presidential election. Florida is sexest and Florida make a joke of democracy. What do you expect from old, white, rich people?

  • http://chrishavelsports chris havel

    Did the first grader who drew this get a prize?

    • jill johnson


  • Kasey

    I don’t think this is the least bit sexist!! UGLY and Boring…YES!! Florida is colorful, fun and diverse, this logo portrays none of that!!!

  • OldHippie

    Is this REALLY the best they could come up with? How much of the taxpayers’ money went to a graphic designer for this mess? I agree with Christian, it’s just plain ugly. And I can’t believe the orange growers’ lobby missed this opportunity to replace the “o” in Florida with an orange. God knows they’ve been responsible for some of the ugliest license plates in the country.

  • Maria

    This sign is nothing but poor design and colors.
    From a business standpoint, a perfect climate translates in tax/fiscal benefits.
    Usually,business is connected with navy blue color; adding somewhere a red/blue “dollar sign”, in my opinion, would be more appealing to the viewer,also will convey the idea of political collaboration for common goals.

  • Bored

    This is stupid! The picture is ugly and it does seem to be geared for men. They just need a new one altogether.

    • Chuck

      Good comments. This will make everyone happy. The O in FLORIDA should either be a sun or an orange. Keep the tie. Then use the conventional A and put a little smiley face with hair on top of the A. The top half of the A would resemble a skirt or an apron and ba-zing you have a woman with her legs spread as part of Florida’s new logo!!!

      • Kathy

        YOU’RE A PIG

        • Chuck

          OK Maybe we can get the “A” to cross her legs.

  • Teresa

    They paid an out of state marketing firm for the logo. Wonder why they could not hire a Florida marketing company for the new logo and marketing plan?

  • Joel

    I lived in Florida for 22 years. Im glad Im out of there. No wonder people call it Flori DUH!

  • Rich

    A “few” Florida residents have complained. Let me guess, none of them actually work in business and take more from the state of Florida than they give.

  • really?

    it’s Al Golden’s tie and all about the U. people just want to get upset, i guess no one noticed it was backing Miami football.

  • Idiots

    Why do men keep saying women can wear ties too? Obviously!!! But we all know the majority of business women do not go to work each morning with a shirt and tie on. Right??!! I’m not a feminist but I could see where some women might get offended.

  • Steve

    The idea that women can wear a neck tie is absurd. The fact is, fewer and fewer men are wearing neck ties due to an increase in the business casual work environment.

    But hey, button up those shirts and tie one on, it’s going to be a scorcher out there.

  • David

    Guess they could replace the O with something that looks like a Vagina (!)

  • Smitty

    The logo should read, “Florida: Where America goes to die”.

    • http://yahoo chris ericksen

      after reading the comments, and taking a good look at the logo, I asgree with the poster who ties the logo in with the “the U”, not that there is anything wrong with that

      • l

        that is what my son says all the time about Florida and he was born there Said he go out while he could

    • Tracy

      Interesting you posted that. My oldest sister went to Florida some years ago and died within 2 months of being there. They got the guy who did it and he’s serving life without parole. But she died in Florida. She was born in Texas though.

  • Derek

    “Welcome to Florida. Pee anywhere”

  • mike ferg

    how about a big awesome picture of lebron james on fire dunking.

  • http://yahoo ray showalter

    Why don’t they use a great shot of cleavage that would draw more attention

  • John Finnegan

    Whoever thinks this logo is sexist needs to take a couple of Midol’s!

  • Chris

    The logo is just plain boring!! With or without the neck tie, you would think that someone could up with something a little more imaginative than that. Use the motive of the beach, sun, fishing, diving, oranges, alligators, boating, cycling, shopping, etc. Anything but a neck tie. Makes me glad that I live in Texas. And here in Texas, they do a lot of stupid things I have to admit, but this is asinine even by Texas standards.

    • Chuck

      You don’t get it. This is supposed to be an economic development business logo to entice corporations to move to Florida. A panel of business women approved of the dumb tie. But whatever the state of Florida paid to develop this stupid logo, they got their money’s worth in the form of national attention. It can’t be any worse that Rick Perry on his knees begging California corporations to relocate to Texas. Why should they? You got no smog, no gay marriage, and no Pelosi.

  • Delilah’sOldMan

    Why not display a necktie with a bra decorating the darn thing. Then everybody will be overjoyed and satisfied.

  • J

    Can we just GROW UP?! Do we have to constantly review everything in the world and take offense as often as we possibly can? I am a woman executive and also a Christian. I love this logo and think people are just being ridiculous, as per usual….

  • J

    Can we just GROW UP?!!!

  • Millie Garner

    Love the new logo!!! Very clever, makes a point without words. Thee Gloria Steinam and Sandra Fluck Yahoo’s need to go sit down .