New 'Evil Within' Gameplay Video Shows 'Resident Evil'-Like Atmosphere


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When Resident Evil 4 debuted, it changed the survival horror genre for years. Though the game received fantastic reviews, fans of the old-school Resident Evil and Silent Hill games were greeted with a more action-oriented experience and the introduction of numerous quicktime-event cutscenes - traits that would only intensify in further sequels. Though much of the game was creepy, it was missing the sense of dread and helplessness that hung over early survival horror titles.

In recent years, titles such as Amnesia and Outlast have brought atmosphere back to the survival horror genre. However, those games swung in an entirely opposite direction than the newer Resident Evil games, giving players no tools or weapons with which to fight off the horrors that surround them.

Now, Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami is back to split the difference with the upcoming The Evil Within. With claustrophobic surroundings, disturbing enemies, and the rare ammo box, Mikami is promising the "perfect blend of horror and action."

Earlier this week publisher Bethesda streamed live gameplay of The Evil Within from the EuroGamer Expo. Today it released the highlights of that stream in a long 12-minute gameplay video. Without giving much of the story away, the video shows exactly why fans of Resident Evil 4 might be excited about Mikami's new game: