New Engine Revs Up Gmail Mobile

By: WebProNews Staff - April 7, 2009

Google has updated its Gmail for mobile product running on iPhone/iPod Touch OS 2.2.1 and Android phones. Gmail’s new “engine” offers faster email, navigating and searching, as well as some new functionality.

Google says the improvements were made possible by “aggressive caching" and leveraging new technologies like HTML5 and Gears.
The improvements make for speedier and more convenient mobile access now, but Google says these are just the immediate effects. Now that the capabilities are present, the company will be rolling out new, previously impossible features soon, but wouldn’t say what those new features might be.

A couple of immediate improvements involve offline access and more user friendly interface. If without a signal, or operating on an unreliable one, users can still access recently read emails and compose new ones.

Gone is the old-fashioned stationary taskbar. Gmail has a new “floaty” bar, a floating task bar, that allows Gmail users to archive, delete, or perform other functions collectively and without scrolling back to the top.

Google has provided a video demonstration:

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  • mobiclue

    Gmail mobile is faster than the normal Gmail mobile web application . And i have been using Gmail mobile application since last year . But it is not available for offline installation . I am always getting some errors while installing via JAD -JAR instillation .