New Dishonored Developer Diary Discusses "End Game"


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With the launch of Dishonored less than one month away, Bethesda and Arkane Studios are wrapping up their four-part series of developer documentaries. Where last week's dev diary video focused on immersing players in the steampunk dystopia that the developers have created created, this week's video discusses what final tweaks the developers are making to the game now that it is finished.

It's clear from this video and the others that the creators of Dishonored are in love with their game. They talk about wanting players to feel like a supernatural assassin, to see the consequences of their actions spread throughout the game world. Listening to them, its hard not to share in their excitement. Viktor Antonov, a visual design director on the game, described it as, "A mixture of romantic, mysterious atmosphere, and a lot of violence and adrenelline mixed together."

Players will soon get a chance to experience Dishonored and decide for themselves whether these developers' hard work has paid off. The game is set for an October 9th release in North America and an October 12th release throughout Europe.