New Destiny Details Revealed in Developer Video


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Not much has been learned about Destiny, developer Bungie's upcoming mmo open-world shooter, since its gameplay reveal during Sony's big E3 presentation. A commentary video for the game's E3 gameplay demo let slip a few details, but nothing on the scale that gamers are looking for with a game as hyped as Destiny.

Today, Bungie has released a new developer video showcasing the world, classes, weapons, matchmaking options, and loot system in Destiny. Some of the more interesting details in the video include the different skins that weapons can have, the different clothing items players can incorporate into their characters, and the different gameplay options (story missions, public events, raids, etc.) players will have at any given moment.

Of particular interest to Bungie fans may be the varied "supers" that characters can wield. These powers include "Golden Gun" damage buffs, "Fist of Havok" AOE power smashes, and "Nova Bomb" energy blasts:

(Image courtesy Bungie)