New Delicious Search and Homepage Features

    August 4, 2009
    Chris Crum

Delicious has unveiled some new feature enhancements to the homepage, including a new system to aggregate and rank recently bookmarked links every minute. This feature can be found under the new and default Fresh tab.

"Way back in January I released a simple application called TweetNews, which essentially ranks the latest Yahoo! News articles by their number of related Twitter messages to determine relevance for really fresh content," recalls Yahoo Architect Vik Singh. "Remarkably, the community responded to it – taking out the server quota in a matter of minutes and resulting in a Wired article saying TweetNews “might well be the best mashup we’ve ever seen.” So, we thought about where else we could apply this model, and in short order selected a Yahoo! property that we felt could benefit greatly from a social-freshness lift: the delicious homepage."

Fresh on homepage

On the old delicious homepage, links typically ad about a hundred bookmarks. This meant less prominence for fresh news.

"For this new Fresh homepage, our system displays recently bookmarked links and tweeted messages focused mostly on technology, web, politics, and media," explains Singh. "Underneath the hood, Fresh factors several features into the ranking like related bookmark and tweet counts, “eats our own dogfood”  by leveraging BOSS to filter for high quality results, as well as stitches tweets to related articles even if the tweets do not provide matching URLs (as ~81% of tweets do not contain URLs). Try clicking the ‘x Related Tweets’ link for any given story to see the Twitter conversation appear instantly inline."

In addition to the new homepage, Delicious has some new search tools, which let you filter by tags and timeframes, and see historical save trends of bookmarks. They apparently plan to go into more detail about this in a future blog post. 


Delicious is also highlighting a new Firefox extension, which lets you email and tweet without ever leaving the Save form.