New 'Call of Duty' DLC Trailer Makes "CODnapping" a Thing


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Activision is well-known for creating live-action trailers for its Call of Duty series, and Call of Duty: Ghosts has been no exception. Megan Fox and other celebrities have starred in ad for the latest Call of Duty game, and today the first live-action trailer for Ghosts' "Onslaught" DLC has been released.

Like the "Replacers" ads seen for Black Ops II DLC, the theme of the new Ghosts live-action trailer is just how much time Call of Duty players could play Call of Duty multiplayer if they could ditch all of those mundane responsibilities such as work and family time. Instead of getting someone to fill in, however, this year's catch is that a group of elite soldiers can be hired to stage a high-profile kidnapping for Call of Duty players. The players can then enjoy their Call of Duty in peace before later being returned to their grateful families.

The long ad stars Stephen Graham of Snatch and Boardwalk Empire fame as the leader of this "CODnapping" enterprise. The kidnapping scenarios seen in the video are quite creative and demonstrate just how much money Activision is willing to throw behind the marketing for Call of Duty.