New Borderlands 2 Trailer Offers a Tour of Pandora

By: Sean Patterson - September 3, 2012

By now you’ve no doubt discovered how overpowered the two-way rail gun is in the 16-bit version of Borderlands and, as a consequence, found that the game doesn’t seem to ever end. If you are tired of that marketing game, but still in the mood for more Borderlands goodness, Gearbox has, once again, got you covered.

The latest trailer for Borderlands 2 features Sir Hammerlock narrating some of the finer points of the world and characters found in the game. The various regions of Pandora are shown, which all seem quite different and imaginative. The player characters and their play styles are demonstrated, with a few new powers displayed as well. There is also some talk about the huge variety of guns in the game, but that’s a topic that has already been thoroughly covered in earlier trailers.

Check it out below, and know that it probably won’t be the last we’ll hear from Gearbox before the Borderlands 2 release, which is only two weeks away on September 18.

Sean Patterson

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