New Battlefield 4 Teaser Shows Not All Gamers Are Teenage Boys


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With the October 29th release date creeping ever closer, it's time for EA and Dice to start their marketing push for Battlefield 4, and while the game impressed at E3, competing titles--did someone sayCall of Duty: Ghosts?--to contend with, making your product stand out before it hits is never a bad thing. In their latest teaser, which was created for the Gamescom 2013 convention, EA and Dice have taken a different approach. Instead of focusing on 45 seconds of gameplay cuts--like I said, it's a teaser--the video introduces us to a gamer who is said to have over 8000 hours logged with the Battlefield series.

While that alone deserves something of a "wow," as the lead image indicates, the gamer in question does not fit the traditional stereotype, unless a 74-year old man is the first thing you think of when descriptions of gamers are being discussed.

With such an extended exposure to violence, it's a wonder Heiner hasn't opened fire in a public setting, at least according to those who like to blame video games for society's ills. Moving on. It's apparent you don't need the twitch response rate of a young male to be successful at video games, because, let's face it, if Heiner wasn't that good at playing Battlefield, it's doubtful his hours logged count would be as high as it is.

With that in mind, he probably has a better KDR than you or I do, as well.

For those who don't know, the Gamescom event mentioned in the video is a yearly convention that takes place in Cologne, Germany. This year, it's scheduled for August 21st through the 25th. It would be wise to expect some shiny new content from the big Q4 releases in the next few days.

[Hat-tip to Polygon]