New AdWords Policy Affects Content Publishers

    May 9, 2005

A new AdWords policy enacted by Google could have long-ranging, perhaps negative affects on content providers and publishers, blogger or otherwise.

Ad Block
AdWords Members Given Further Control

By introducing the negative site feature, advertisers can now select sites in order to block them from displaying ads under their campaign. What kind of affect might this have on those who feature Google ads on their blogs and websites? What determining factors should an advertiser use when selecting what sites to allow or block?

One thing is for sure, those who rely on AdSense for income will be quite conscious of what and what doesn’t appear, content-wise, on their sites.

Below, Darren takes a look at Google’s new policy and the affects it may have.

Darren Rowse

Adwords Advertisers Can Now Block Publishers Sites

Darren Rowse | Contributing Article

Jensense announces that Adwords advertisers can now negative filter publisher sites – meaning that advertisers can now block an ad appearing on your blog by simply adding its URL to their campaign filter (in a similar way to publishers having the ability to block certain advertisers – seems only fair really). The feature is known as the Negative Site Feature (catchy name).

Whilst this is good news for advertisers and for publishers of high quality sites – Jen observes that:

“publishers with less-than-quality sites could be hit, particularly if advertisers are opting out simply based on appearances rather than conversion data. Because some of those less-than-quality sites definitely do convert for some advertisers, even if the sites don’t appear as though they would convert very well, some publishers could filter them on looks alone while not even considering their ROI on these sites.”

All In all I think that its a good move – it could draw more advertisers into the system which means more demand for ads and higher click throughs. Of course if you have a poor performing blog it could have negative impact.


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